HBF Techniek is a young company that specializes in machine construction. In addition to machine construction, we can carry out the most common metalworking techniques. Our services and possibilities are expanded upon below!

Machine building

At HBF Techniek we like to work with you to solve your problems or needs. This always happens together with you as a customer, because of course you know your process or product best. In this way, we use your experience and knowledge to come to a solid design together.

Depending on the type of work, we perform a pre-engineering to arrive at a proposal that you feel comfortable with, and that is specific enough to be able to make a good price calculation. This includes sketches to properly discuss the working principle.

If we then receive the order, we will work for you to further develop the concept and specify parts. When the design is ready, it is always discussed with you before production starts. You will be kept informed during production, and you are always welcome to view the progress. If necessary, machinery can be tested in our workshop before it is approved and delivered. (with modifications as required)


We engineer complete machines and constructions or draw individual parts for you with Solidworks design software. You will then receive a complete drawing package with PDF construction drawings and DXF files. Where necessary, we model or calculate machinery requirements in order to arrive at a good solution together with you.


We have a Felix Pro 2 3D printer at our disposal with which we can prototype, make mock-ups, produce custom tooling, and in some cases even produce ready-to-use parts. We usually use the material PLA for mock-ups because of its good printing properties. We print with nylon filament for tooling, parts and prototypes where more requirements are placed on the parts.


We can offer machining services in both conventional turning and milling. Complex workpieces for which special fixtures have to be manufactured are also possible. You can always contact us for urgent work.

construction work

You can contact us for hoods and guards, platforms and various other new constructions or replacement steel constructions. This work is (tube) laser cut or sawn and then bend and welded. Then possibly a surface treatment such as glass bead blasting for stainless steel, or powder coating for steel. Possibly some final allembly with machine feet, hinges, handles, etc. and then delivery can take place!


Assembling machine parts is part of machine construction and is done carefully and with the right tools. Separate jobs where we assemble and deliver your assemblies is also possible!


Your existing machine can be revised on site or in our workshop. Disassembly takes place, and the critical parts are inspected. Where necessary, new parts are manufactured or ordered, and the machine or installation is cleaned and reassembled.


Our machine park consists of the following machines.

  • Overhead crane ABUS 10 tons
  • Forklift truck Linde 2.5 tons
  • Rehm Tiger TIG AC/DC welding machine 210A, Siegmund clamping welding table
  • Lathe Nosotti ΓΈ600mm L3000mm
  • Milling machine MRF FU115 1150x250x425mm ISO40
  • Surface grinding machine Kent KGS 306 650x300x550mm
  • Surface plate DIN876/00 500x800mm
  • 3D printer Felix Pro 2, build volume 237 x 245 x 235mm